Nick Pope


uforn: Just looked, yes very happy mate, I very much doubt Id find many of these books to buy online, once again thank you very much. :D Just paying the postage for them is one hell of a bargain Aug 15, 2014 13:29:36 GMT 1
barry: Got more, will did out the next vault, thinking.........(Dark White...The Zargon principal and more)plus ...... :P Some of that stuff was not available in the U.K Hope you read the photocopied stuff. :P Aug 15, 2014 13:35:17 GMT 1
uforn: Ive had a quick look through was really happy with that you know I like the Lazar case lol ;) Aug 15, 2014 13:41:26 GMT 1
uforn: There's also a book on the Billy Meier case which we are talking about at the min. Aug 15, 2014 13:43:27 GMT 1
barry: Some of the Lazar stuff was not published in the books (Who's the daddy!) :P Aug 15, 2014 13:44:40 GMT 1
uforn: Your not my daddy lol (rofl)But you are a star (:)) Aug 15, 2014 13:45:05 GMT 1 *
barry: LOL! (More stuff to come) :P Aug 15, 2014 13:46:06 GMT 1
uforn: Awesome so where does the Lazar stuff originate mate ? Aug 15, 2014 13:47:31 GMT 1
barry: Enigma........a group that had some great people in (now gone)a P.O Box number (it's on the last sheet) :P Aug 15, 2014 13:50:46 GMT 1
barry: Gotta go, catch up later :P Aug 15, 2014 13:56:05 GMT 1
uforn: Thats well cool these are the kind of documents, books and other media Im looking for, stuff thats out of print and not available online, old documentarys as well as old UFO magazines. There's lots of info thats not available to everyone out there. Aug 15, 2014 13:57:06 GMT 1
uforn: Ok mate speak to you later :) Aug 15, 2014 14:01:16 GMT 1 *
barry: Worth a look, a quite good ufo sighting on video Sept 14, 2014 11:19:35 GMT 1 *
uforn: Only 23 secs long blurry and shaky camera movement and the UFO's were still in frame and didnt fly away. Why stop filming it? My guess a HOAX if they filmed longer we would have seen what it was they were filming. They knew what it was thats why its short Sept 17, 2014 21:11:14 GMT 1
uforn: It looks like the formation of small aircrafts with lights on doing a fly by at some event :) But since its so short its really hard to say. Sept 17, 2014 21:21:58 GMT 1
barry: Yes, only 23 seconds..........I would have kept going, but not as dodgy as I have seen :P Sept 18, 2014 18:09:58 GMT 1
uforn: Yeah there's worse going around :-/ Sept 19, 2014 11:12:01 GMT 1
barry: Another hoax comes to light Sept 23, 2014 15:03:55 GMT 1
uforn: You should post that in the HOAX forum for future reference baz as Hoaxes usualy get recycled ;) Sept 23, 2014 16:47:11 GMT 1
barry: Done :P Sept 23, 2014 20:09:22 GMT 1