Cropcircle Charlbury Hill (2), nr Hinton Parva


hiflier: Check out this article for example: He's been on this subject for a while and is fairly non-committal. I've been on the tractor beam idea for quite some time and it takes a while for it to sink in. Mar 26, 2015 15:49:21 GMT 1
hiflier: If you could post a link to previous discussions that would be good. I've read quite a bit about the UFO itself showing a beam-like light but I've not run across anything about UFOs being controlled by one. Deploying orbs is all I've seen. Mar 26, 2015 15:51:59 GMT 1
uforn: Back to Mushrooms post: here is a good link on Zecharia Sitchin which includes his version of the name "Anunnaki" Bad Archeology - Zecharia Sitchin ;) Mar 26, 2015 15:53:57 GMT 1
uforn: Have you seen the film Independence Day ? The Mothership controlled the smaller UFO's ;) Mar 26, 2015 15:58:28 GMT 1
hiflier: I did- on opening day! but don't remember that aspect. Ah, Hollywood has all the answers already, eh ;) Mar 26, 2015 16:00:06 GMT 1 *
hiflier: Hey, do you have any kind of UFO detector gadget? Been researching 'em for a few days. What's your take- Geiger counter type? Magnetic? Sound? EM? OK idea for a thread? Mar 26, 2015 16:05:02 GMT 1 *
uforn: A UFO detector ? NO! Im not crazy and don't buy into all that crap. Mar 26, 2015 16:07:32 GMT 1
uforn: Maybe I should get one of those UFO Apps ? (rofl) Mar 26, 2015 16:12:46 GMT 1
hiflier: If UFOs put out nothing in the way of energy fields then I would agree. The reports say though that all kinds of effects occur and are even left at supposed landing sights- like magnetized items and burnt materials. So some energy type is present? Mar 26, 2015 16:18:45 GMT 1 *
hiflier: LOL! Yeah but what kind of APP? I would thing the Compass App would be enough. Mar 26, 2015 16:20:43 GMT 1
uforn: I know but that doesn't mean it cant be explained, sure we have some high strangeness cases but to suggest someone has a detector that is specific to detecting a UFO is well....... Mar 26, 2015 16:22:52 GMT 1
hiflier: Specific to UFOs!!?? Now you got me worried. You're right though in the marketing of such things. I think a thread would be fun! Mar 26, 2015 16:24:20 GMT 1 *
uforn: Your worried? your the one looking into UFO Detectors LOL :-X Mar 26, 2015 16:27:23 GMT 1
uforn: I was joking about the Apps btw :) Mar 26, 2015 16:30:58 GMT 1
hiflier: Oh how true, how true. OK, I just stopped worrying ;) But when ya read that things got cooked at a landing sight from the inside out like being hit with a microwave?.......Oops, there I go thinking it's real again LOL. Mar 26, 2015 16:32:15 GMT 1 *
hiflier: Ever hear of Kenneth Behrendt? Mar 26, 2015 16:34:10 GMT 1
uforn: Here is a UFO Alien Scanner Detector Radar App LMAO (rofl) Mar 26, 2015 16:34:19 GMT 1
hiflier: oooooo, aaalien RADAR!! Now were talkin! Mar 26, 2015 16:35:19 GMT 1
uforn: Ive got to pop out will catch up later :) Mar 26, 2015 16:38:06 GMT 1
hiflier: Me too. Good talking to ya. Mar 26, 2015 16:38:32 GMT 1
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