Absence of Evidence


sutie: Has anyone ever seen (after waking and paralyzed) a human figure wearing a 50-ish style hat and all dressed in black at the foot of their bed? Apr 20, 2015 23:48:39 GMT 1
sutie: My daughter began seeing the same thing at the age of 9. When she described what was happening, the situation was exactly the same. I have never spoken to her or anyone else about these experiences for fear of being considered crazy. Apr 20, 2015 23:53:49 GMT 1 *
barry: I have not come across that one sutie, black figures used to be quite popular but not so much now. Apr 21, 2015 8:04:54 GMT 1
barry: Ha! Ha! regarding new roswell pictures. Just been on the locklip site and one of the comments was 'paid $150 to see some fuzzy pictures of a doll' You can see where this is going (love it) 8-) Apr 22, 2015 12:26:06 GMT 1
barry: link for the above (scroll down for comments) http://locklip.com/pyramids-and-alien-structures-on-the-moon-a-cover-up-like-no-other/ Apr 22, 2015 12:34:38 GMT 1
uforn: Really? I cant see how they've paid $150 to see the slides since they are not being showed to the public until May 5th, you got a link for that baz ? Apr 22, 2015 12:35:50 GMT 1
barry: link posted Apr 22, 2015 12:36:22 GMT 1
uforn: You've read that wrong mate, it says it costs $150 to go to the conference on May 5 Apr 22, 2015 12:40:49 GMT 1
barry: Sorry misread quote he was saying it costs $150 to see the photos (i presume when they are released) ££££££££££ being made :) Apr 22, 2015 12:42:13 GMT 1
uforn: There are photo's of the slides online but they are of poor resolution here is one of them http://ow.ly/LXaMF They say they are showing high res images of the slides on May 5 ;) Apr 22, 2015 12:47:31 GMT 1
uforn: But they have stated that they will "NOT" be showing the originals in case they get damaged. :-S Apr 22, 2015 12:59:16 GMT 1 *
mcb: I dream of a mountain that has water around the mountain and a cave on the side with a symbol inside like its a door May 6, 2015 16:59:18 GMT 1
mcb: I once was in a car wreck and the doctor says I have a round small object in the back of my neck! I feel that I am being watched all the time. And I am always looking up in the sky all the time at night. May 6, 2015 17:02:47 GMT 1
mcb: I was born in Jacksonville FL My father was in the navy> My Mother gave me up to the HRS at the time when I was almost kidnaped by two men in suits. I was eight at the time. May 6, 2015 17:05:31 GMT 1
mcb: I always feel that I am being watched all the time. :-/ May 6, 2015 17:07:06 GMT 1
mcb: I am 45 now with migraines all the time and ringing in my ear. I just started dreaming of this mountain. May 6, 2015 17:09:12 GMT 1
mcb: I am scared sometimes for my children. :-S May 6, 2015 17:12:22 GMT 1
mcb: I Have never told anyone about my situation either until now May 6, 2015 17:16:47 GMT 1
mcb: I have also started seeing spirits of people May 6, 2015 17:18:45 GMT 1
mcb: I hope someone can talk to me about this I am going crazy. I am always unhappy I want to be happy again. May 6, 2015 17:22:44 GMT 1