Rash of UFOs over Lee’s Summit being probed


barry: hi John1984, the abduction thread is very general, most people have had some of the signs, my advise is to always get yourself checked out for possible medical problems. Welcome to UFORN. :P Mar 9, 2016 9:01:46 GMT 1
uforn: Not the dreaded 58 signs again :D Mar 12, 2016 17:04:24 GMT 1
barry: Yep :P Mar 13, 2016 9:12:44 GMT 1
avictim: Know by the interaction, that the UFO is a science caused phenomena. Mar 16, 2016 3:28:08 GMT 1
barry: No it's not :P Mar 27, 2016 16:30:35 GMT 1
warlockstar: has anyone ever seen something with a triangular shaped mouth like it can suck into your brains. I was frozen couldn't move. I looked up and seen 2 on the side of my bed, one looks human, other with a triangular shaped mouth. That one started to lean over Apr 13, 2016 21:07:39 GMT 1
warlockstar: and put his mouth on my forehead. I fought like hell to move and I like pushed it off as it touched my forehead, than it disappeared. I mean I was completely frozen. some people call it the witch riding your back. maybe it was just a bad nightmare Apr 13, 2016 21:09:17 GMT 1
warlockstar: my son climbed in the bed earlier, I guess a bad dream. It leaned over to my son at first. I used all my strength still paralyzed and pushed him off my son, that's when I looked up and saw a human face standing with him. My son gave me the strength to move Apr 13, 2016 21:11:09 GMT 1
warlockstar: I guess it was a parents gene that built up. being a single father I felt that I needed to protect my son. It didn't seem strong enough to hold me down mentally. I do hear noises and my son also. from the list. just got me worried Apr 13, 2016 21:12:48 GMT 1
warlockstar: I remember when I was about 10 and had a witch riding my back, basically I was frozen couldn't move, tried to yell, couldn't yell. same freeze as a couple of nights ago. This time I actually felt a physical touch on my shoulder Apr 13, 2016 21:19:53 GMT 1
warlockstar: and the touch actually broke the spell or whatever it was, and at the foot of the bed was a shining blue figure. You don't have to believe me, and I wasn't imagining it. It was actually a physical touch, and it was an actual blue figure standing there Apr 13, 2016 21:21:42 GMT 1
warlockstar: also I had myself checked out and every doctor acts like I am in 100% shape, but my heart feels like a sack of potatoes and unexplained rashes. sleepless nights have to take sleeping pills. This sucks, probably just nothing but bad dreams Apr 13, 2016 21:25:12 GMT 1
barry: Hi Warlockstar, that .sounds a bit scary. I have seen the blue orbs but no actual blue figure, could have been a bad dream. I normally link blue orbs with good or learning, who knows, welcome to UFORN. Apr 14, 2016 10:21:20 GMT 1
jayln182: I was drugged last year, but doctors didn't find anything in me. I remember that I didn't drink that much at the bar n I blacked out for three hours n then when I came to the bar was closing n I was telling them I just got here. Is this an abduction from a Apr 15, 2016 5:41:01 GMT 1
jayln182: From aliens Apr 15, 2016 5:41:15 GMT 1
uforn: Hi jayln182, welcome to UFORN :) I very much doubt you've been abducted by Aliens. Apr 16, 2016 14:32:16 GMT 1 *
Aelius: Almost forgot about this place. Apr 21, 2016 23:44:13 GMT 1
uforn: Hi Aelius still here lurking in the shadows ;) Apr 22, 2016 16:24:41 GMT 1
Aelius: Any major UFO events in the last year? Apr 22, 2016 22:37:29 GMT 1
uforn: Nothing to shout about that I'm aware of. Apr 23, 2016 13:55:16 GMT 1