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ash: Hi Aug 29, 2015 1:30:20 GMT 1
uforn: Hi ash welcome to UFORN :) Aug 29, 2015 10:52:42 GMT 1
somewhere: hihi Sept 12, 2015 6:46:53 GMT 1
uforn: Hi somewhere welcome to UFORN :) Sept 12, 2015 10:18:53 GMT 1
uforn: Hi baz :) Sept 12, 2015 10:46:21 GMT 1
barry: Hi mate, Mars is getting looked at quite a bit, trouble is there are 2 rovers, 1 one mars and the other in a desert on earth. what 'pictures' are we seeing? Sept 13, 2015 8:55:40 GMT 1
uforn: Ive noticed, that's the problem baz, the video's and photo's etc never have links to the original images from NASA and most the time its not worth the effort searching the NASA archives for them. Sept 13, 2015 12:59:21 GMT 1
Bodysnatcher: uhh.. hello Sept 16, 2015 9:50:15 GMT 1
uforn: Hi Bodysnatcher welcome to UFORN :) Sept 16, 2015 10:45:31 GMT 1
Bodysnatcher: Thank you, though, i still feel a bit awkward being here. i have things i want to share that i've not really shared with anyone before. Sept 16, 2015 11:30:13 GMT 1
uforn: I suspect your talking about a possible abduction ? Sept 16, 2015 11:47:34 GMT 1
Bodysnatcher: i guess... maybe several while i was growing up near pensacola naval air station. i've even had weird marks/scars appear on my body that match what are supposedly abduction marks that others have gotten from supposed abductions. Sept 16, 2015 12:31:15 GMT 1
barry: Hi Bodysnatcher, The abduction thread is very general, most people have 50%. Get your thoughts all together and post in the abduction thread, I would be happy to read about your experiences :P Sept 17, 2015 8:40:38 GMT 1
barry: Evidence of water on mars.....Did I not mention something about fossels found in a dried up lake about a year ago? LOL! :P (Poss next announcment?) Sept 28, 2015 18:25:55 GMT 1
uforn: I thought that was already known baz ? Sept 28, 2015 21:53:55 GMT 1
barry: Nasa was announcing surface salt water in liquid form not frozen, it's a start........... :P Sept 29, 2015 8:16:43 GMT 1
uforn: Yeah I thought it was known that there was liquid water, satellite images showed streaks that were there in the summer and gone in the winter, which could have only been caused by water, guess they have proved it now. Sept 30, 2015 12:21:19 GMT 1 *
barry: Secret area 51 based in Farnborough? (about 3 miles from me) LINK: (told ya about a year ago LOL!) Oct 1, 2015 14:21:33 GMT 1
uforn: Hi baz just read the article and its pure speculation at best, I also cannot find the 109 page report from BEAMS. They are making their claims based on cryptic alien symbols & psychic researchers. Really? They need to get out more. :-/ Oct 3, 2015 13:38:31 GMT 1
barry: Yeh! I know it's prob rubbish but there have been rumors and stories about the place going on for ages(I have heard most of them) but unfortunatly nobody will go on the record.Seen pictures too but they won't let me have them..... :P Oct 4, 2015 9:29:56 GMT 1